Company - Royal Cosmetics
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Royal Cosmetics, with the launch of the basic skincare product Royal Gold, an original pure gold cream, was founded in 1987. The company has always been known for its products containing gold flakes, which, since ancient times, have been highly sought after.


Since it’s founding, Royal Cosmetics has kept abreast of the latest research trends, and due to its ongoing research and development, has developed today’s products—known for being oil-free and containing no animal products or artificial fragrances and colors. Our gold cream products, with an annual production of over one million bottles, are loved by many, many users. As Japan’s premiere manufacturer and distributor of pure gold cosmetics, Royal Cosmetics continues to grow as a world-class corporation, one that continues to boast of top sales figures.

Message from Chairperson

Tadashi Momozono


As one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of cosmetics, which incorporate pure gold and the blessings of nature, our aim is to deliver lasting beauty to all users through the top quality products we produce.


People all over the world are now seeking a more natural way of life and want animal-free, oil-free products that defy conventional wisdom about cosmetics. Royal Cosmetics takes these voices to heart, and focuses on the pursuit of natural beauty. To answer to the question, “What is beauty?”, we would say that it is the unique qualities that each person possesses as an individual.


We are convinced that the skin’s natural beauty, revitalized by top quality products, can move the hearts of women the world over.


Tadashi Momozono
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Royal Cosmetic Co., Ltd.

Corporate History


April 1987
Our company began with the creation of Royal Gold, our original pure gold cream, in the neighborhood of Naka-Kasai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo.

April 1997
The EX Series was launched.

September 1998
The Super Gold 21 Series was launched.

July 2001
Our Ota factory began operations.

April 2003
The animal-free Royal Herb Series was launched.

December 2004
Annual sales broke the 11 billion yen mark.

January 2007
Our Yamagata factory started operations.

December 2007
Annual sales broke the 12 billion yen mark.

June 2010
The Herb Skincare Series was renewed.

February 2011
We became the first Japanese cosmetics company to obtain Halal Certification.

June 2015
The SS series was launched.

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