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Royal Cosmetics Collections

Skincare for various skin types with gold flakes

Gold is one of the most popular and well-known minerals, known for its value and special properties since the earliest of time. It is the softest mineral and it will not tarnish and discolor.


ROYAL Cosmetics focuses on the character of gold and produces everyday skincare products with a balanced formula of gold and water.

Primary Ingredients

Gold Flakes

From the establishment of ROYAL Cosmetics, gold is the core ingredient of our beauty products. We use a generous amount of 1/10,000 mm gold flakes.

Herb Essence

Herb essences such as Aloe Vera and coix seed provide moisture and skin protection.

Essence of Saccharomyces Dissolution Fluid

A yeast extract which protects from dry skin while providing firmness to the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid Na & Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid

A double dose of hyaluronic acid facilitates the skin’s absorption of moisture.

Phosphoric Acid Ascorbyl Mg

A derivative of vitamin C which helps to protect against blemishes, freckles and chapping.

8 unique characteristics of Royal Cosmetics

Gold Flakes

Gold flakes are used in medical, dental and acupuncture applications as well as in cuisine.Your skin becomes brighter and more hydrated when gold is applied to it.

Nature Conscious

No artificial fragrances or coloring are used.

Oil Free

Use excellent quality of natural herb extracts blending with hydrogen water. Our oil free products help moisturizing skin by using plant based ingredients and stay skin hydrated.


Remove old skin cells and dirt from the pores and assist the natural rhythm of skin regeneration.

Animal Free

No animal based ingredients are used for Royal Cosmetics products. We use only plant based ingredients as the primary ingredients to maintain the ideal skin condition.

Skin Types

Natural ingredients with gold flakes for various skin types and all ages.

Simple and Economical

Just moisturize your skin after washing. This is a simple and economic 2-step treatment.

All-in-one skin care

6 in one skin care product: toner, milk lotion, beauty essence, cream, makeup base, and pack.
Royal Cosmetics, Gold Flake Skincare, Soap
Royal Cosmetics, Gold Flake Skincare, Foam
Royal Cosmetics, Gold Flake Skincare
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