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Face Washing

Beautiful skin begins with proper face washing. By following these steps, you can begin to improve your appearance.

1. Moistening

Gently moisten your face with lukewarm water.


2. Lathering

Using Royal Cosmetics’ Cleansing Soap or Cleansing Foam, create a rich lather in your palms. The ideal lather is one with bubbles so fine that they form soft peaks.

*Using Royal Cosmetics’ Bubble Net will allow you to easily create a proper lather.


3. Face Washing

Gently apply the lather such that your entire face is completely covered. It is important to neither be too rough nor too gentle.

[Start from the center of your face, slowly moving outwards.]
[Use moderate pressure when applying the lather]
[Follow the lines of your facial muscles.]


4. Rinse well

Using lukewarm water, rinse your face at least 10 times to remove all traces of the lather.

*To firm your skin, use cool water for the final rinse.


5. Dry

Gently pat your skin dry with a soft towel.

*Do not rub your skin vigorously with the towel.


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