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Exfoliation is important for removing dirt and dead skin cells from your pores, and can help maintain smooth skin and retain moisture. Depending on your skin’s condition, this exfoliation procedure should be performed once or twice a week. By continuing to exfoliate, you can promote an ideal skin regenerative cycle.

1. Triple the Amount of Cream

After cleansing, spread the Royal Herb Cream over your face. It’s moisturizing ingredients will soften dead cells and easy to remove dirt.


Amount of use

Triple the amount of Royal Herb Cream you would usually use in the morning or evening.
For example, for regular skin, if you usually use two or three pumps, you should exfoliate using six to nine pumps.
For dry skin, if you usually use four or five pumps, you should exfoliate using twelve to fifteen pumps.

2. Leave on the skin for about five minutes.

During this time, the Royal Herb Cream will soften the skin, allowing for dead skin cells and dirt from the pores to rise to the surface and be removed easily.


3. Rinsing

Rinse the excess cream and dead skin cells from your face with lukewarm water and wipe off with a towel. Your skin will feel clean and moisturized.


4. Finishing

Finish by applying two or three pumps of the Royal Herb Cream to your entire face.


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